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List of Interred

Several FoSVC members, coordinated by archivist Joyce Erway, continue to find additional names through their ongoing research.

(PDF file)  Link to the 07-04-2020 Revised Indexed List of Burial Records for those interred in St. Vincent Cemetery.


News articles and obituaries relating to some of the interred in SVC. (PDF file)
The following are excerpted from the 60-page PDF file linked above.

Maguire, James: Baltimore Sun, Jan 29, 1858 – Inquest on the Body of James Maguire. As was stated to be the intention, Coroner Stevens proceeded yesterday morning to the Cathedral Cemetery, accompanied by police officer Joseph Ellicott and Mr. George Perry, in search of the body of James Maguire for the purpose of holding an inquest. A reference to the record satisfied him that the body had not been interred there, and they next proceeded to St. Peter’s Cemetery, with like success. At the first named place there was a large number of persons assembled when the coroner arrived, and they followed. They then went to St. Vincent’s cemetery, and an examination of the record showed that the body was there deposited. It was disinterred under the direction of the coroner, and a jury of inquest summoned. (Note: a long description of the inquest followed, nothing is stated about the re-interment of the body)

Riley, Charles: Baltimore Sun, Aug 13, 1863, LOCAL MATTERS, “Fatal Fall.” During Thursday night Charles Riley, stopping at the Franklin Inn, at the corner of Hillen and High streets, fell from the roof of the back building of that house, and, it is supposed, was instantly killed, his lifeless body having been found early yesterday morning. He had been in the regular Army of the United States for about five years, and was discharged from the service a short time ago, when he came to this city. He was a native of Cavan county, Ireland, and met some friends from that country whom he knew in youth. Whether he sought the roof to escape the heat, or walked out on it in while in asomnambulistic state, could not be ascertained. Coroner Brewer held on inquest on the body, and the jury rendered a verdict of death from a fall from the roof of the back building of the Franklin Inn. His skull was badly fractured on the back part, and his shoulders were much bruised. The body was removed to the dead-house at the central police station, and thence taken to St. Vincent’s Cemetery.

Miles, Charles A.: Baltimore Sun 1873 March 27, Funeral of Charles A. Miles The funeral of Mr. Charles A. Miles, a bailiff of the Criminal Court, whose death was announced yesterday, by mistake as Myers, took place from his late residence, No.?4 South Eden street, yesterday afternoon. The remains were taken to St. Vincent de Paul’s Church, where Father Didler officiated at the funeral ceremonies, and were then deposited in St. Vincent’s Cemetery.

Villa, Captain Andrew: Baltimore Sun, 1874 October 19, Confirmed Andrea Villa died 17 Oct 1874, 28 y of Starvation The remains found in Baltimore County last week and recognized by the papers found in a pocketbook as the body of the late Captian Andrew Villa, of the Italian bark Farioso were brought to Baltimore last week and property interred at St. Vincent’s cemetery after services in St.Vin Church. His family owned ship was involved in disaster and he considered himself a ruined man. For many days he ate no morsel of food and seemed to have died of starvation.

Stuart/Stewart, William “Brocky Bill“: Baltimore Sun, 1877 October 15 Death 14 Oct 1877: An Oysterman who was killed last week by a rifle shot fired from the oyster police boat commanded by Capt Mitchell. Body to St. V. Church then to St. Vin Cemetery! Matter went to the grand jury to see if charges were to be filed against Capt Mitchell.


The following are the known war veterans buried in St. Vincent Cemetery

Peter Storm, Jan. 22, 1762–Nov 4, 1842
Burial at St. James Cemetery, transferred to St. Vincent Cemetery when it opened in 1853. Revolutionary War – Fought as an Officer in the Battle of Yorktown, 1781. Volunteered in the Battle of Baltimore at North Point 1814.

Antonio Natale Lavezza Geri, 1832–Aug 22-24, 1904
St. Leo the Great Parish. Civil War – Union,  2nd Reg. Artillery, Minnesota.

John Keleher/Kelleher, Died Oct 25, 1862, Buried Dec 5, 1862
Company E, NY 69th Irish Brigade, the NY 69th Regiment. Fought at Antietam, the bloodiest battle of the Civil War.  Wounded in battle and taken to a hospital in Frederick, MD where he died. His body was transported to Baltimore.  Funeral at St Vincent de Paul Church, burial at St. Vincent Cemetery.
Edward Councell, June 10, 1832–Sept 10, 1864
Civil War POW/KIA – Battle of Weldon Railroad, 16th Infantry Mississippi
M.T. McHenry, 1832–Mar 22, 1877
Civil War, Confederate POW. Note: Tombstone (monument) made by fellow stone mason workers in Richmond, VA
Francis Lawrence Burke, 1874–Nov 23, 1911 (Portland OR), Burial: Dec 2, 1911
Fought in Spanish-American War, Volunteer Regiment from Washington, DC